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Pinhole Camera CCTV (a great pinhole camera for making a hidden spy system)

BW Pinhole Camera cctv (make your own spy cameras) with 3' cable included
BW Pinhole Camera cctv (make your own spy cameras) with 3' cable included
Item# BW Pinhole Camera and Spy Cameras B/W
Extra Cable: 
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Product Description

Black-and-White CCTV Pinhole Spy Camera 
We’ve tried them all, and this is one of the best quality pinhole cameras we’ve found anywhere in this price category. In the black-and-white pinhole board camera, there’s a camera that has 420 lines of resolution and a low-light rating .1 Lux. The Color version has 380 lines of resolution and a low-light rating of 1.0 Lux rating. That means if you need to record in near-dark conditions you’re going to get a better performance with the black-and-white camera (the lower the Lux rating, the better it performs in dark conditions). If most of your recording will be done in higher light conditions, you may appreciate the extra details a color camera will bring to the picture.

    Included with the CCTV Pinhole Spy Camera:
  •  A lightweight protective cover
  • 12VDC power supply.
  • Video cables RCA connector
  • Optional 8-AA battery holder for 5 hours of operating time
  • About the size of a quarter (please see pic)


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