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Wireless Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Wireless Smoke Detector Hidden Camera
Item# "B/W CAMERA" Hidden wireless spy smoke detector camera A-ISS-103
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Product Description

Wireless Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Smoke Detector Wireless Hidden Spy Camera System

Hang it on your bedroom ceiling or in the kitchen, the Smoke Detector Wireless Hidden Spy Camera System blends in anywhere you would normally place a smoke detector. It won’t detect smoke, but it will detect what’s going on in your house when you’re not there. So be sure you don’t use it to take the place of your already existing smoke detector, because it only functions as a camera. Hidden inside is a transmitter that operates on an FCC-approved 2.4 GHz frequency for great range (up to 700 ft.)LOS. with minimal interference, a high-grade Sony color camera and an antenna — all built inside the unit. Like all our wireless systems, this one’s easy to use. Put it up on the wall, install the batteries or the AC/DC 12V power adapter, hook up the ultra mini wireless receiver (comes included) and you’re system is up and running.


Color camera Specs:

This Complete Hidden Spy Camera System's quality construction features:

·         1/3" Sony Color CCD Image Sensor

·         High-Resolution video camera - 380 TV lines

·         1 Lux /F2.0 low light rating

·         Ultra Mini Wireless Receiver connects to any TV or VCR for easy recording or viewing

·         2.4 GHz frequency for great range (UP TO 700 ft.) LOS.

·         70-degree angle lens

·         f3.6mm lens

·         Battery pack 8AA (external)

·         Camera Battery Life: 4Hrs. aprox.


  • Hidden Spy Camera System Comes Complete With: 
  • Ultra Mini 2.4 GHz Wireless 4CH A/V Transmitter Module 12V
  •  2.4 GHz 4 Ch  Video Receiver
  • Simple connection instructions
  • Video connection cable
  • Comprehensive 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • 2 AC/DC power adapter 12v. regulated
  • Battery pack 8AA (external)


5 Minutes to Install:

1)       Connect to power source (plug it into the wall or add batteries)

2)       Attach receiver to the TV or VCR you already own

3)       Start recording (it’s that easy!)


Order now to receive a FREE BONUS protective plastic carrying CASE (a $29 value). This rugged carrying case will protect your investment for years to come.



 B/W Smoke Detector Hidden Camera System


Please Note: For low-light conditions, we recommend the Black-and-White Camera version of our Hidden Camera System.

Black-and-White Camera Specs:

  •  1/3" Sony B/W CCD Image Sensor
  •  High-Resolution video camera - 420 TV lines
  •   .1 Lux /F2.0  – EXCELLENT! For low light (can record in early evening to dusk light levels)
  •   Connects to any TV or VCR for easy recording or viewing
  •   70-degree angle lens
  •   2.4 GHz frequency for great range (UP TO 700 ft.) LOS.
  •  Lens f3.6mm
  • Battery pack 8AA (external)
  • Camera battery life: 5 Hrs. aprox.



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