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Home Security & Computer Surveillance Monitoring

Home Security & Computer Surveillance  Monitoring
Home Security

Nothing is more important than protecting your home. Inside and out. We’ve scoured the market to bring you what we think are the best home security solutions on the market, and what we use to protect our own families. For us, there is no amount of trouble that we would not go to install the best home security system available. Luckily, we’ve found professional-grade options that are easy enough for the home user to install and run. Some of our products, like CYBEREYE even work to improve the home monitoring system you already have. Please feel free to call and ask us about any of these systems, no question is too small. We want to make sure you understand all the available options and get the best system to best protect your family.

Computer Monitoring System

Hardware keystroke recorders contain two main components: a simple microprocessor, and non-volatile memory. The microprocessor handles tasks such as: interpreting keystrokes, checking for the access password, and displaying menu options. The non-volatile memory is a fairly large sized memory that is used to store the keystrokes. Non-volatile memory retains data even during a power loss. This allows a hardware keystroke recorder to be unplugged and still retain the keystroke log. Further, the ability to retain the keystroke log even when unplugged, makes it a portable device. It can be used to record on one computer, and can be read out on another computer. This is useful if one desires to record activities at home, and review the data at the office, for example.

The power to the device is supplied by the keyboard port, so that no additional wiring is necessary.

Hardware keystroke recorders require no specialized software on the computer system. They are accessed through a "host program", which can be any word processor or text editor. Hardware keystroke recorders are constantly examining the keystroke stream looking for the access password. As soon the device sees the access password, it temporarily shuts down the keyboard and "types" a menu on the screen. This is perhaps the most novel aspect of the hardware keystroke recorder. This technology allows hardware keystroke recorders to be used without installing any software on the computer system, and allows recording to take place without consuming any CPU cycles.


Hardware keystroke recorders present significantly more advantages as opposed to software computer monitoring. Because there is nothing installed on the hard drive, it is undetectable by all anti-spy, and eraser software, now and into the future. Implementing software solutions requires constant vigilance (both in time and expense) on behalf of the user to make sure that their solution is still performing. Hardware keystroke recorders work at the source (where keys are actually being pressed) before they reach the rat's nest of software running inside the box.

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